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Visual Music 1.1

Visual Music 1.1 is a smart tool which allows you to create new tunes.
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Developed by Shital Shah.

Visual Music 1.1 is a smart tool which allows you to create new tunes using sound card’s MIDI devices. Powerful MIDI engine, DDE client support, object oriented architecture, makes this tool a special one. You can play, edit, save and record more than 100 instruments on your desktop and can play many Mscript tunes too. Via its ActiveX objects and little coding knowledge, you can build your own front end and manage existing Visual Music front end through DDE client. It includes a script language allowing you to write the script on selected tune. With Mscript editor utility, you can select the tune for writing the script. In fact you can add more tunes or delete tunes from the available list. Moreover you can play, record and even compile the chosen tune. It provides a piano like keyboard allowing you to play specified note and many other controls. These controls let you modify the volume, pan and octave level. It offers many useful features like a list of information on instruments, advanced search facility, visual feedbacks drag and drop facility.

Padma Pardhy
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  • You can build your own front end
  • It provides crash recovery facility


  • Only some features of backend ActiveX server are implemented
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